Gratitude Part 1

Always give thanks for what you already have. You will always be provided with more. Hi all! I decided to write about the things I'm grateful for and raise my vibration in the process. After all, our perception matters a lot to our overall well being. Here are a few of the things that have … Continue reading Gratitude Part 1

Simple Hacks for good skin.

Be the best you. And, own it. R.A We all crave to have skin that doesn't have acne, redness or spots. Although this isn't always the case, there are simple hacks that we can incorporate into our daily routines to aim for it. Drink Plenty of Water I can't stress this enough. Keeping ourselves hydrated … Continue reading Simple Hacks for good skin.

The Law of Attraction explained; because it totally rocks.

Whatever you project into the Universe, will manifest in reality. I will forever be grateful and awed by The Law of attraction (LOA). As I look back to all that I've created, good or bad, it confirms to me that it does exist. I have read tons of books and articles that explain the LOA … Continue reading The Law of Attraction explained; because it totally rocks.

Filters here, filters there, filters everywhere

As noted in my last blog, I'd like to talk a bit more about social media. Filters, photoshop, editing and how it affects us all. I predominantly see it affecting our youth, however adults don't fall short from it...Social media has become the place to showcase ourselves, and of course we enjoy showcasing the good … Continue reading Filters here, filters there, filters everywhere

For the love of hiking

As an avid hiker who has been hiking for 9 plus years, I can't even imagine my life without hiking. There's something about being out on these hills that make me feel renewed and refreshed. Hiking is not just physical, there's a mental high that accompanies it. Somewhat like a drug and you want more … Continue reading For the love of hiking

Social Media: The good the bad and the ugly.

Social Media has become a huge part of our society. For most people, it consumes their daily life. While others use it for marketing and business purposes and then there's those who use it for a plethora of other reasons. Social media can be loads of fun, but it is also filled with unpleasantness that … Continue reading Social Media: The good the bad and the ugly.